Design Event pitch

The classroom project involved individual involvement in pitching an event design for the college festival that was supposed to be conducted very soon. The individual concepts happened after two week long brainstorming and discussions as a class of twenty. Many essential factors were narrowed upon like the cultural aspect of the fest, the purpose and meaning of the idea of the fest, the kind of approach the fest catered to, etc.

Vision of the fest

Welcome to the first Synthesis! Here we are, a bunch of creative humans. We embrace the title of a designer and with this glamorous profession, we fail to be the best version of our true sense- humans.


Synthesis is a process. A journey. A journey toward trying to find the truth, knowing the unknown and meeting the unmet. Amidst all the design trends and principles and structures, we have to learn to grow together. Breaking all the barriers and unchaining ourselves to find new paths for finding our lost self. And this is the platform where we learn to do that. This is the place where a wide spectrum of cultures, ideas and thoughts, mindsets come together. 


It’s more than just branding yourself in the crowd. It’s about sharing the knowledge and building connections through conversations to share hands during
a stampede. Let us all be the waves that converge toward this truth.

font used: Highway Gothic 



About the identity

Why the Synthesis?

Synthesis means...
the procedure to combine separate elements or components in order to form a coherent whole. 


The fest will represent the coming together of different cultures,
different mindsets and different people towards a common goal of trying to find the truth.  The synthesis will call for different thoughts and ideas from different minds to form a new whole idea.


The symbol involves different waves coming together towards the

truth/destination. Like above said, a ripple effect in reverse. The bold red being the point of converge, forms the basis of an idea.  

Main Zones
Entrance experience

The main thought process behind the respective entrance 

experience was to make the audience into an entirely different

zone, that of knowledge-rich, ideas-rich, culture rich. A zone

that was away from all the whims that are usually fancied, but

that of utmost reality and truth.

1. Two long banners bringing the identity of the fest.

2. A pool of water in the front with stepping stones making the audience in a journey where they are buoyant.

3. The reception desk in the shape of the wave in the identity.

The Lounge

The lounge will act as a secondary entrance experience. It will have a conical pathway tunnel. There will be an interactive board for the
audience to write up on what they expect the fest to be. As a result it will be an ocean of ideas on their take on this fest.

Overhead net structures

The main discussion area/ stage area and other main zones will adorn overhead net structures in the saffron in the identity and
will be the shape of flower petals and will be lit up during the dark.

The Discussion Circle

The main stage area in the central courtyard will be the most interactive place in the fest, where all the talks will be conducted and other important events like the debates and screenings
and performances, if any. Basically, this will be a mini amphitheatre.

Stationary and Merch

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