Sikkimis Tea Coasters

Sikkimis is a merchandise brand that provides gifting solutions for everyone from the land of Kanchendzonga ranging from authentic infused tea and tea coasters from the mountains to t-shirts and notebooks.


We were tasked with the designing the tea coasters for the brand and also the packaging for it. This was done as a part of the two-week workshop of Print and Packaging. 


As a group, we came up with two designs for the tea coaster packaging, each being efficient and elegant in its on unique way.

Coaster illustration: Kiran MN

The tea coasters as well as the coaster holders are made of the one of the significant and finest resources- Bamboo! 

Concept 1

The packaging includes a part of the bamboo with slits in to hold the coasters in place and a secondary packaging that packs well the holders and coasters inside.

Concept 2

The packaging constitutes of just a thin strip of paper that talks about the product and the relevant information, going through two pieces of bamboo that hold the set of coasters together with the help of a small steel clip. The inside of the ribbon/strip contains the instructions to use the two bamboo pieces as a holder for the coasters.

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