Naalam 2019

"NAALAM", or NUALS Arts And Literary Annual Meet, is the cultural fest of National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi. The two-day festival has the participation of about 3000 students from about 150 colleges from across South India, competing on various platforms."

The festival holds different themes and different logos every year under the same name. I got the opportunity of developing the visual identity and the event brochure for the 2019 edition of Naalam. The year's theme was 'Pop Culture'.

Naalam to the core of the word means the small spark of  a flame, that indicates the beginning of something as furious and fantastic as an active flame. The ideation for this logo also started with the intention of showing the dynamism and flamboyance of the event- A swirling ring of fire.

The process with various iterations led to bring about another layer within the logo- the face of the fire God (Hephaestus). Together, I felt, it brought the perfect face for this exuberant event. 

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