Kiran finds it fascinating to capture stories in pixels or on paper.

When not bound by his deadlines, you can find him re-watching Good Will Hunting (one among his many favorites) for the nth time or sketching people outdoors with a glass of chai.

Films have been a great influence on his thoughts as well as his personality. 

You can talk to him about films all day. He will be there listening and sharing his bit of cine trivia.

He joined the first batch to study design in National Institute of Design in Vijayawada where he constantly and consciously built his zeal towards storytelling through illustrations, animation, graphic design and other media.

He finds himself immensely responsible to use his voice to tell stories and convey ideas through these stories for the better. He currently works as a

motion designer at Netbramha studios.

You may view his resume here


Kiran MN 

+91-9400 581 571